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Please visit TinkerTry's easy VCSA and ESXi update articles instead. You can also add custom URLs to download third-party patches. To help you discover all the components of your virtual environment, Tenable has several Nessus plugins to detect virtualization servers, discover vulnerabilities, and enumerate VMs (both active and inactive).

License so we cannot create patches for that. But regarding version 12 we can takeover this package and write the patches down if someone else wants them. It should be released until monday. Is working on a clean install for me.

VMware ESXI 65 Patch 02

Unfortunately this package is not working if vmware is installed in arbitrary locations, like /usr/local/ instead of /usr/, which I do whenever possible, and everyone should, to keep the system clean. And was unable to get the modules to compile. I modified the patches in a way I thought should work but was not successful. I tried changing workstation versions back to 12. I also tried with the linux-lts version (a 4. Kernel) and even downgraded from linux-4. Where things had been working previously. Is it possible that there is a change with gcc or some other dependency that is making the compiles fail?

But did not find the solution at to address my issue. Thanks in advance for any help. Edit: I was wrong about it being a problem with gcc. Cd /usr/lib/vmware/lib/libz. Sudo ln -s /usr/lib/libz. Thanks to for the suggestion about lilbz. White it's not working for VM Player 12. ARCH, it says the patching is not required but it is. I'm not familiar with bash scripting, is the process straightforward to add a newer version?

Установка обновленийпатчей на отдельный VMware ESXi хост

You could take a shot and look in the package build. Anyhow if you need a fast approach you should really got for the vmware-workstation package.

As I can most likely not help you at all since I have no vmware 14 license and do not intend to buy one or support it really. The other package is working fine and this package only has V 14 because someone before me did it and I really cannot roll back. I need to run VMware Workstation 14. How can I help you to get this going? Can I somehow contact you directly? For Vmware Workstation 14 and 4. Vmware-modconfig --console --build-mod vmci then vmware-modconfig --console --install-all to get vmware to load successfully.

Timofonic: as jihem stated, the vmware-workstation is basicly the one to go with.

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I'm only trying to maintain some more patches here because I am stuck with a VMWare 12 license. That way I cannot update to 14. And thus not use vmware-workstation. Timofonic: No, vmware-workstation is an alternative to this package (you can install only one of them). Both use a different method to patch VMware: with vmware-patch, you install VMware with the official installer and start vmware-patch binary to make the necessary changes while with vmware-workstation, you just install the package which includes all VMware files already patched.

Is this required having the vmware-workstation package? It already patches many modules. Kkl2401: please post or send ne the reject file with your exact kernel and vmware Version. Also I suspect former patches to be a problem. Copyright © 2004-2018 aurweb Development Team.

Установка патчей из локального хранилища VMware ESXi

AUR packages are user produced content. Any use of the provided files is at your own risk. Ignore Please note that GitHub no longer supports old versions of Internet Explorer.

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We recommend upgrading to the latest, or. If you are using IE 11, make sure you. GitHub is home to over 20 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Failed to load latest commit information. Patch VMware Tools source code for a variety of VMware Tools and kernel versions. Com/rasa/vmware-tools-patches. To update and re-patch later, remove the vmware-tools-patches subdirectory with the previous download and re-run the script. Com/rasa/vmware-tools-patches.

(Optional) Copy your patch(es) into the appropriate directory in the patches directory. Copy or download the version of VMware Tools you wish to use into the vmware-tools-patches folder. It is strongly suggested to use the of VMware Tools.

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VMware Tools is also included inside the linux. Iso file that is shipped with VMware Fusion, Player, and Workstation. Run the vmware-install. If one or more patches do not apply successfully, you may get an error during compilation, such as vmhgfs-only/link. This indicates the vmhgfs kernel module failed to build and was not installed. That may be acceptable, as VMware Tools still installed successfully, but without the "shared folder" functionality provided by the vmhgfs module. Please note your patches must contain only one directory name in them.

For example, the following patches will work: +--- vmhgfs-only/link. The following patches will not work: +--- link. Or +--- path/to/vmhgfs-only/link. Path/to/vmhgfs-only/link. If neither apt-get or yum is installed, you will need to install these (or equivalent) packages manually, before starting. To contribute to this project, please see. To view existing bugs, or report a new bug, please see. To view the version history for this project, please see.

Feedback, suggestions, and enhancements are welcome. You signed in with another tab or window. You signed out in another tab or window. RUS] [ENG] Mac OS X El Capitan 10. E65) (немодифицированный установочный ISO-образ + patch для VMware) [Intel] [VMWare patch]: RuTracker. Для использования некоторых функций требуется Apple ID; требуется соблюдение условий.

Установка обновленийпатчей на отдельный VMware ESXi хост

Для использования некоторых функций требуется совместимый интернет-провайдер; может взиматься плата. ISO-файл, максимально близкий к оригинальному образу Apple. В образ внесены изменений только для того, чтобы сделать его загрузочным на виртуальных машинах, в самом образе отсутствуют модифицированные файлы, так что. ISO файл может быть использован для записи на двухслойный DVD-диск и установки чистой системы на компьютеры Apple. Для установки на виртуальные машины VMware на любых компьютерах (поддерживаются OS Windows, Linux, ESXi), необходимо пропатчить VMware с помощью прилагаемой утилиты.

Перед использованием патча нужно внимательно ознакомиться с readme. Особенно внимательно прочитать о поддерживаемых версиях VMware, последовательности действий для запуска утилиты. Согласно отзывам - патч может не отработать, если в пути к утилите будут присутствовать символы кириллицы (русские буквы).

How to easily update your VMware Hypervisor from 6x to 65 Update 1 Patch 02 (ESXi Build 7388607)

Использование руссификаторов для VMware - не рекомендуется (работа патча не гарантирована). Если всё-таки очень нужен руссификатор, то сначала примените патч к немодифицированной VMware, и лишь затем - русификатор. В результате получается виртуальна машина с OS X, в которой есть только официальные файлы Apple. Далее её можно без проблем обновлять, ставить приложения из магазина Apple - с точки зрения системы она работает в абсолютно легитимной конфигурации, никаких взломов и хаков самой системы нет. Script for building bootable.

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Script as long as this message and copyright string above are preserved. GPL license or under any BSD-style license. Com/Karlson2k/k2k-OSX-Tools/master/Create_osx_install_iso/create_osx_install_iso. Readonly script_org_name='create_osx_install_iso. Echo "Unmounting writable image. Echo "Unmounting writable image.

VMware ESXI 65 Patch 02

Echo "Unmounting temporary mounted source image. Echo "Removing temporary files. Script_version="$(sed -n -e '\^# Version {s^# Version \(. Iso images from downloaded OS X upgrade application.

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Path and name of OS X upgrade application. Path with optional name for output. But potentially less compatible with some BIOSes/EFI.

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Require more disk space for conversion. N "$cmd_par_app" ]] && [[ "$cmd_par_app"! N "$cmd_par_iso" ]] && [[ "$cmd_par_iso"! "--app" ]] exit_with_cmd_err "No.