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Кто еще не видел взгляните ролик от Valve, в котором анонсирован новый патч. И на данный момент доступен всем фанатам игры. C Обзор изменений нового патча 7. Ноября в Dota 2 вышел один из самых глобальных патчей в истории игры, призванный реанимировать умирающего пациента.

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(с учетом гангов) Уже протестил. Фармить лес с 1 лвл намного сложнее стало. Пассивка урезана, а это значит меньше мс и дпс с нее. Короч серьезный нерв в целом, и это было ожидаемо. У всадника теперь сеть свой родной дезоль.

Новый патч Dota 2 707 - Dueling Fates

Правда надо чтоб пропёрло. Дезоль отпадает, МоМ можно было и раньше встретить на ней, не ради вампиризма а ради АСа.

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Скади теперь будет неплохим решением. Самое главное кд молний осталось прежним читерским и замедлялка никуда не делать. Я думаю продолжит нагибать на миду и в этом патче, и будет нагибать до тех пор пока не постигнет его участь зомби. Теперь фаст аганим маст хев. Лешрак - главное когда ты спокойно фармишь крипчиков со своего хг, а лешрак со своего дает в крипов молнию - до тебя она не долетает. Теперь он резко перестал быть топовым мидером.

Лиону по прежнему фаст дагер мастхев.

Новый патч в Dota 2

Все таки 475 это тоже не мало. Время покажет перестал он быть топ мидером или нет. Даггер да, всегда первым артом. Я имею ввиду сразу после него можно начинать варить аганим. При граммотной позиционки - лешрак не достанет скиллом, как не крути. Каст очень хорошо видно и ты успеваешь отойти из радиуса поражения. Да и урон тоже понерфлен прилично. Урон, да урезали, но все же на 7 лвле получать по 200 урона с кд в 4 секунды тоже неприятно. Eager to dash into danger at a moment's notice, the Pangolier thrives on disrupting enemy movements and placing himself in the midst of chaos.

Новости киберспорта, стримы и ставки на дота 2 Весь инсайд DOTA 2 только у нас )

Artfully guiding his blade between cracks in armor and shrugging off attacks with his protective scales, this graceful swordsman is always ready to roll into battle. The finest warrior in the world? The men and women that make up the Nivan Gallants live a life of swordplay, chandelier swinging, and tawdry romance. And while all adhere to their creed that “A life of adventure is the only life worth living,” the exploits of Donté Panlin still manage to raise the eyebrows of even the most hedonistic of swordsmen. There is no monster he won’t slay.

No tyrant he won’t stand against. And no noble immune to his silver tongue. Pangolier dashes to a new position, assaulting enemies in the target direction with multiple quick thrusts, dealing physical damage and apply on hit effects.

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Pangolier jumps in the air and slams back to the ground. Enemies around him are damaged and grant him temporary damage reduction the more heroes he hits. Pangolier reads his enemies perfectly, deftly slipping his blade past defenses to give his attacks a chance to slow the target and fully negate enemy armor after a short delay. Pangolier curls into a magic-immune ball and thunders forward, damaging and stunning any enemies he hits. Shield Crash can also be used while this ability is active to jump over obstacles. Has a brief channeling period.

A slight flutter from the shadows may be all an enemy sees of Dark Willow, as she eludes pursuit and controls her foe's movements with cunning fae tricks. Calling upon powers far more ancient than any scholarly magic, she binds enemies in place before unleashing the full wrath and terror of the fae realm upon them. These marks won't know what hit 'em. Children love telling stories about the whimsical adventures of fairies. That’s because children don’t know that most fairies are spiteful jerks.

And in the world of spiteful fairies there are few names spoken of with more contempt than Mireska Sunbreeze. Born to a fae merchant king, Mireska grew up in Revtel; a cutthroat nation where manipulation and murder were the norm. But while she was quite adept at navigating the etiquette, unspoken laws, and social rituals that permeated every element of her life, she found the whole thing rather boring. So, Mireska did what most rebellious children do: burn down her family estate and set off with her pet wisp Jex to live the life of a wandering grifter.

Система талантов в Dota 2 Список талантоввсех героев в патче 708

Dark Willow creates a maze of brambles that latch onto enemies who walk into a thicket, damaging them and applying a root. Dark Willow recedes into the Shadow Realm, becoming untargetable and gaining increasing bonus magic damage for her next attack the longer she remains in the shadows. Dark Willow bestows a cursed fae crown upon an enemy. After a four second delay, the target and any other enemies nearby are stunned. Dark Willow's companion Jex circles around her, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Cannot be used while Terrorize is active.

Dark Willow's companion Jex strikes fear into her enemies, causing them to run towards their home fountain. Cannot be used while Bedlam is active. In this update we've reworked how the matchmaking rating system works for both ranked and unranked players, changing to a six-month seasonal system. These regular seasons will ensure that MMR is both recent and accurate for all players, which will lead to better quality games for everyone. During each season all players will earn a medal for their profile based on peak skill for that season.

There are seven different medals, and within each medal there are five stars of progress to earn toward the next medal. Your current medal as well as your previous season’s medal will be displayed to all players before each match. At the start of each season all players will recalibrate MMR, seeded by their previous season’s MMR. Your current historical preseason MMR value will be recorded and selectable in your profile, and ranked players will continue to be able to track their current seasonal MMR value. To give everyone a chance to prepare, the first season will begin in two weeks.

Hero guides can now be viewed in the Learn tab, allowing players easy access to a wealth of communal Dota knowledge about item, ability, and talent builds for all 115 heroes. You can also drag, drop, and annotate to create or edit your own guides, and even publish them for other players to use. Each guide calls out its gameplay patch and which role it covers, so you'll never feel lost in battle again. Dota Turbo has been added to the search queue. This new game mode keeps the same rules as All Pick but shortens match time by granting more Gold & XP to heroes; making defensive towers weaker; and reducing respawn time.

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Turbo's relaxed rules and buy-anywhere shop system allow for casual, quick matches perfect for trying new heroes and strategies, or introducing friends to Dota in a more forgiving environment. Ability Draft has been updated with a completely new draft interface. Plus, players can now swap the hotkey order of abilities and chat with their teammates during the draft. We've also added support for fifteen previously-unusable heroes, and fixed abnormal behavior with multiple others. Think you can build a godlike set of killer abilities?

Queue up and find out. Kaldr is looking cooler than ever with the debut of a new Ancient Apparition hero model and ambient effects.

With new additions to ping functionality, players have more communication tools than ever before. Now you can use the ping wheel to convey your hero's movement objectives, call out ward spots, and give the classic attack/retreat commands. Pings will appear on both the map and mini-map, and will be accompanied by a location callout in team chat. All owners of the Bladeform Legacy Arcana for Juggernaut will be granted a new voice pack for the hero that you can equip to replace Juggernaut's default voice with a special Arcana version.

The Juggernaut now speaks with the power of an ancient lineage of revered warriors. Connected once again to the land of the living, these progenitors of the Isle of Masks shall not fall silent again. Each day 10 heroes are selected automatically as bonus heroes for the day. Bonus heroes provide you with a free mango on selection (cannot be sold). Randoming no longer gives bonus gold.

Новые герои Доты 2: Pangolier и Dark Willow

It instead selects a hero from the set of bonus heroes and grants an extra iron branch (in addition to the mango). Middle lane no longer has an additional melee creep. Creeps now meet closer to each team's respective safelanes. Neutrals killing lane creeps is now considered the same as the enemy creeps killing them—it's not a deny, and gives full XP. You must deny the creep yourself to deny its XP. Heroes now start with a TP Scroll. TP scrolls start on cooldown at the beginning of the game. Glyph now causes your creeps to be invulnerable for the glyph duration.

Extra siege creep now spawns at 30 minutes instead of 40 minutes.

Система талантов в Dota 2 Список талантоввсех героев в патче 708

Fixed extra lane creeps spawning a minute too late (the ones at 15/30/40/45 minutes for melee/melee/range/melee). Lane Creeps upgrade amount is now capped at Mega Creeps (previously, if a game went on for over ~4 hours, it was possible for creeps to be stronger than mega). Armor formula adjusted from 0. Third Roshan kill now drops a single-use consumable refresher orb. Neutrals now sleep at night. They have zero aggro range while sleeping. Captains Mode now has an extra ban in the first phase (6 bans total in the mode).

Illusions now deal 80% less damage to Roshan rather than dying instantly when attacking him. Illusions now benefit from Health and Mana regeneration. Net worth Ranking Factor (how much the richest vs poorest heroes get from assist gold) changed from 0. Hex can no longer be dispelled. Removed cliffing restrictions for Rubick, Magnus, Dark Seer, etc. Roshan now upgrades every minute rather than every 4 minutes (bonuses rescaled so its the same, just smoother). Heroes with turn rates of 0. You can now see enemy mana regeneration values (previously could only see HP regen values).

Neutral Centaur War Stomp cast point reduced from 0. Neutral Furbolg Thunder Clap cast point reduced from 0. Neutral Wildkin Tornado cast point reduced from 0. Neutral Soulstealer Mana Burn cast point reduced from 0. Neutral Prowler Shaman Desecrate cast point reduced from 0. Neutral Thunder Lizard Slam cast point increased from 0 to 0. Neutral Dark Troll Warlord Ensnare cast point reduced from 0. Neutral Dark Troll Warlord Raise Dead cast point reduced from 0.

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Neutral Harpy Storm Chain Lightning cast point reduced from 0.