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In San Diego it happens on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 at 2:00:00 pm. Days ago - 38 min - Uploaded by DukeSlothReviewing the SMITE 5. The Hi-Rez Expo has been going on all week, which is like Christmas for SMITE fans. Create and share strategy guide & build ideas with Smite fans: SmiteFire.

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This has now been removed to keep the pace of the game and the toughness of the camps close. We are also increasing the Base Health per Minute that Jungle Monsters receive. The new Jungle Buff is one that should be aggressive and should be suitable for any class to pick up. The Protection Reduction Aura buff serves these purposes quite well, favoring early game aggression.

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AURA – Enemy Gods within 55 units have their Magical and Physical Protections reduced by 10. When we began planning for Season 4 we wanted to focus on addressing some issue with the Conquest map. In the early game there was a much heavier emphasis on Fire Giant side that lead to the duo lane having less to do overall. The Oracle Harpy camp brings some of the early game focus back to the Gold Fury side by giving the duo lanes an objective to fight over.

In Season 4 we wanted to add objectives that gave unique types of rewards.

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Through play-testing we found that tactical advantages like vision or movement were great rewards for these types of objectives. New type of objective that offers early game tactical advantages in addition to XP/Gold. If a team kills both Oracle Harpies, that team is given vision of the Gold Fury pit for 90 seconds. Similar to The Oracle Harpy, we wanted to provide more objectives to fight over at key stages of the game.

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Where Gold and Fire Giant have their purpose, none of them allow for a team to gain a direct positioning advantage. The Portal Demon boss now gives teams flexibility in what objective they want to prioritize by giving them brief control over the Fire Giant pit.

Increased starting gold rewards to incentivize and reward early Gold Fury kills, while still keeping the time the Gold Fury reaches the gold cap amount the same. A new type of item comes to SMITE as a Consumable! The powerful Ritual Items are designed to enhance the late game experience of SMITE. When your build was finished, there were very few options for players to help end the game. Rituals will now provide way more options, but at a very high cost, especially since you only get one use per purchase. These items will allow skilled players to make truly amazing plays in the late game.

Only usable after Level 10. One use per Purchase. Provides a single use Relic or Ability-like effect. Grouped with Potions of Might and Elixirs on a new “Late Game Consumables” tab.

When activated, it teleports you to a ground target location up to 55 units away instantly. Can be used during combat. When activated, it buffs all allies within 55 units of the user, increasing their Damage output by 25% on all targets, and increases Attack Speed 20% for 10s.

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When activated, it teleports you to the allied God of your choice after a 4s channel time. Can be interrupted by Hard CC and Ritual is lost. When activated, it provides your entire team with vision of the entire enemy team, revealing their locations on the map, and also reveals all enemy wards within 70 units of the user. Another new Consumable enters SMITE, but these are for the early game. Chalices allow players to invest an initially large amount of Gold for a stack of Potions or Wards that can be refilled.

These are priced appropriately to fit well into starting builds. They work like a stack of Potions.

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Duration is refreshed, not stacked, on multiple uses. Have a specified maximum charges. Stacks are refilled to full every time you return to base. Can be found grouped with normal Wards and regeneration Potions.

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Selling these yields no Gold if you leave base or use any charges. Heals 250 Health over 25 seconds per use. Heals 150 Mana over 25 seconds per use. Place a Ward per use. With the addition of Chalices and Rituals and the balance adjustments in season 3, Power Potions have become less attractive. They are seeing slight buffs to their duration to help them compete with other Consumables and help them better stack with Rituals. Relics are seeing a variety of balance changes, as well as two more system changes.

The smaller of which is new names and Icons. Relics have been renamed to their historical SMITE names and are also now all actually in reference to Relics, aka legendary objects. The larger new feature is Relic Upgrading! In Season 4 at any time in a match, you may pay 500 Gold to upgrade your Relic for a specified bonus. This adds a good bit of complexity to build order allows for more meaningful choices in selecting which Relics to use. Select a Relic you already own and spend 500g to upgrade the Relic at any time.

Has been re-designed as a consumable and has been removed from as a Relic. Has been re-designed as a consumable and has been removed as a Relic. In Season 4, we want to focus on each Relic’s most unique element. Curse is having its Slow removed to allow its Healing Reduction features to shine. This relic might seem weaker overall, but against specific healing heavy teams it is now much stronger.

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Increased Healing Reduction duration from 5s → 10s. Healing Reduction increases from 50% → 65% and duration increases from 10s → 15s. Hand of the Gods was originally designed to be a jungle clear assistance tool, and it will be returning to that form again in Season 4. Using a Relic to secure jungle bosses really took away from gods who had great abilities for this same purpose, so HoG (or Wrath) won’t be filling that niche anymore. To compensate for its loss of jungle boss effects, it is gaining a strong cooldown reduction for getting the killing blow on jungle monsters.

Now deals 300 + 10 per Level Damage to a single enemy Minion or Jungle Monster within 12 units.

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Target will be the one with highest max HP. The Relic’s Cooldown will be reduced by 30s if you kill a Jungle Mob with it. Deals no damage to Jungle Bosses. Now also stuns all enemy gods in range.

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Now only cleanses slows upon activation, does not provide Slow Immunity throughout the duration. All allies hit by this effect are immune to Basic Attack Slow penalty. Base Protections received decreased from 45 → 30. Damage mitigation reduced from 15% → 5%. Protections given increases from 30 → 45 and Mitigation Buff increases from 5% → 10%. Provides all allies hit with a Buff of 45 MP5 and 15 HP5 for 30s. New Visual FX and Audio. Removed Basic Attack Slow Immunity. Now applies 40% CC reduction and Immunity to knockups to allies affected by it.

Damage Reflect increased from 40% → 50%. Duration increases from 5s → 8s and Cooldown decreases from 120s → 100s. Protection and Attack Speed Debuffs removed, now increases Damage taken by the target by 30% for 5s.

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Damage increases from 40 + 14 per level → 60 + 20 per level and cooldown decreases from 120s → 100s. Using this item slows enemy gods within 55 units by 40% and also reduces their Attack Speed by 25%. A brand new Relic is making its appearance in SMITE. Bracer of Undoing falls into the realm of Beads and Aegis, by giving an individual player a strong tool to prevent their own death. This Relic allows for players to heavily bait their enemies, thinking they will secure a kill, but it can be countered by Healing Reduction.

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Using this item subtracts 3s from all Abilities currently on Cooldown and restores 50% Health and Mana lost within the last 3s. Recent Damage Time increases from 3s → 5s. With Season 4, we are making a large number of changes to items with a few goals in mine. First and foremost, we want players to have more control and options over their starting builds.

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We added new Starting Items and reduced the cost of most Tier 1 items, allowing for players to mix and match items together in ways that haven’t be available before. This should provide a good foundation for players to explore non-traditional roles, such as Warrior supports or Mage Solos.

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Additionally, Item Passives are more focused on finding opportunities to counter build against opponents. Core stats like CDR and Penetration are found on more items and are tied to more unique effects, allowing for increased diversity when building these stats. Support players will also find a variety of new aura and utility options to assist their team. With our Season 4 patch, there are many new items, effects, and balance changes and we want players to experiment on PTS with these new choices. We will be watching closely and making final balance and design decisions as PTS unfolds.

Can be found on items available to all gods. It applies the proper pen to your stats depending on if you are Magical or Physical once purchased. Bluestone is losing some total Mana and gaining some MP5 to focus it more towards its intended role: Empowering Physical gods with Ability-based clear and poke Damage. Bumba’s Mark is seeing significant changes in Cost Reduction, increased Damage, and the removal of Gold splitting. In Season 4, we want Junglers to have more diverse God selection, builds and more independence. The large adjustments to Conquest synergize with these goals.

Increase True Damage on Basic Attacks on Jungle Camps from 10 → 15.

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Increased Ability Damage Bonus on Jungle Camps from 10% → 15%. Removed Gold sharing Bonus. Added 4 Gold and 25 Mana Bonus per Jungle Camp kill. Death’s Toll is losing some Power while gaining increased Health and Passive effects to focus it more toward its intended role: Providing Physical gods with early game sustain.